Being highly competent at your job, or creating a high performing team, doesn’t just happen.  It takes an investment in time, thought and action.

Often achieving these goals is made easier with support and constructive challenge.

Increasingly people use Executive Coaching to help them achieve their career goals and face challenges.

Many teams work with an external facilitator to help them work on ‘what’ the team must achieve and ‘how’ they are working together to achieve it.

Obtaining this external support can be an essential ingredient for an individual’s or a team’s success.

executive coaching for you...

You may be a manager considering how to become more effective in your current job; how to prepare to be ready for your next role; or how to achieve your career goals.

executive coaching for team members …

You may be a leader or senior manager with one or more high performing team members who need support to achieve their potential.

working with teams…

You may be a leader looking to involve your team in developing a new strategy or plan; or looking to enhance the way your team works together.

executive coaching in organisations…

You may be an HR professional who is looking to provide Executive Coaching for key individuals within your organisation.

"You changed my outlook on so many things and helped me to see that I could find my own answers."

RH Education

"I value her support very highly, including her positive and robust challenges, and knack of making me look at problems from different angles."

SA Financial Services

"Jackie helped me to focus on what was important and helped me build an action plan to achieve my goals."


"Execution by Jackie on both days was excellent with very positive outcomes."

AC Pharma

"Jackie has helped me to think more strategically and have faith in what I do"

CD Recruitment

"Jackie ran an excellent MBTI workshop for the team which provided huge insight for the attendees and is remembered years later."

JR Financial Services

"Jackie is one of the most positive, pragmatic and patient individuals I have had the pleasure to meet. I always come away positive and focussed after our sessions benefitting me and my team."

JG Accountancy Director